Temperature-Controlled Olive Oil Storage Solutions

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar storage solutions for midsize growers

It is no surprise that storage is one of the major factors in preserving the quality of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Their intrinsic values are greatly influenced by oxygen, light and temperature, which is why managing and controlling these three factors is essential to maintaining quality and integrity of the product.

For years, these well-known complexities have deterred many olive oil and balsamic vinegar producers and growers from reaching the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. That is until Miami Olive Oil entered the scene.

Miami Olive Oil offers temperature-controlled storage facilities that are registered with the United States Department of Health and are FDA-approved, but it’s in the details where the quality of our facilities really shines. Designed to maintain and guarantee the quality of its products, Miami Olive Oil’s facilities incorporate the knowledge we’ve gained as consultants to some of the largest olive oil brands in the world and as growers ourselves. Miami Olive Oil is equipped with nothing but the best in the market.    

Miami Olive Oil Storage Space

  • 5,560-square-feet (520 m2) of temperature-controlled warehouse space
  • Temperature-controlled stainless steel storage tanks monitored and maintained at 18°C / 65°F
  • Temperature-controlled pallet storage area
  • 1,600-square-foot Gourmet Factory Direct Store, ideal for tasting and retail sales
  • Strategic location in the Doral area, Miami’s logistics hub
  • A short distance from Miami International Airport and PortMiami
  • "Oxitester" real-time quality control and classification testing system
  • Learning Center

Laboratory Analysis

At  Miami Olive Oil every incoming and outgoing olive oil undergoes  internal quality controls.

Each oil batch is analyzed  with laboratory instruments to determine the following quality parameters and fundamental genuiness :

  • Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
  • Peroxide Value (PV): to determine oxidation index in oils.
  • Polyphenols/Oil Stability Index (OSI):  olive oil most important components. They are antioxidants and reduce blood levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, making blood more fluid and helping reduce risk of stroke
  • K270 values:  parameter  apart from giving indications of the level of oil oxidation, indicates if olive oil has been adulterated with other oils 

We take the guesswork out of bottling. Click balsamic vinegar and olive oil bottling services to learn more.