Olive Oil Bottling Services – on-Demand Bottling

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar bottling services

Miami Olive Oil offers prime bottling solutions for growers, producers, hotels, restaurants and retailers.

With Miami Olive Oil, any business can have its own olive oil private label. The Miami Olive Oil facility is temperature-controlled storage and offers inline automatic bottling equipment capable of producing labeled, capped and finished products quickly and efficiently. Retailers can now create their own olive oil and balsamic vinegar brands, and bottle on demand and with flexible quantities. 

For growers and producers, Miami Olive Oil offers additional benefits, including savings in manufacturing and logistics, plus opportunities in new markets. Now olive oil producers can reach the coveted U.S., Latin American and Caribbean markets with minimal investment. Gone are the days when growers had to import and pay duties on costly caps and bottles; invest and maintain complex bottling equipment; and ship containers to the US full of finished products, only to have them left sitting in questionable warehouses.

Our on-demand bottling services allow growers, producers and retailers to store their products in temperature-controlled stainless steel storage tanks and bottle only as needed, when needed. And with our Gourmet Factory Direct Store and temperature-controlled warehouse located in the heart of Miami’s logistical hub, Miami Olive Oil can provide all the shipping and commercialization solutions they need.    

Miami Olive Oil Bottling Services

  • Inline bottling equipment capable of filling, capping and labeling
  • Semi-automatic bottling machinery for cans, dispensers, PET and miniatures
  • 1,600-square-foot Gourmet Factory Direct Store, ideal for tasting and retail sales
  • Strategically located in the Doral area, Miami’s logistics hub
  • A short distance from Miami International Airport and PortMiami
  • "Oxitester" real-time quality control and classification testing system

Laboratory Analysis

At  Miami Olive Oil every incoming and outgoing olive oil undergoes  internal quality controls.

Each oil batch is analyzed  with laboratory instruments to determine the following quality parameters and fundamental genuiness :

  • Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
  • Peroxide Value (PV): to determine oxidation index in oils.
  • Polyphenols/Oil Stability Index (OSI):  olive oil most important components. They are antioxidants and reduce blood levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, making blood more fluid and helping reduce risk of stroke
  • K270 values:  parameter  apart from giving indications of the level of oil oxidation, indicates if olive oil has been adulterated with other oils 

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