Glass Bottle
500ml. (17.0z)

"SANTA TERESA" 1881 High Selection, Limited Edition, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Spain

Brand: Santa Teresa 1881

Type: Extra virgin Olive Oil

Variety / Cultivar: Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Lechín

Harvest period: Last week of October-First week of November

Max Acidity: 0.3%

Size: Bottle 500ml (17 fl.oz)

Type of Harvesting: Hand picked and mechanical

Coupage of selected Andalusian varieties as Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Lechín. Balanced oil with personality, with green notes of olives and other fruits, with dominance of tomato and almond. Oil with medium spicy that lingers pleasantly.
*Peroxide: 7.75 meq O2/kg
*Acidity FFA: 0.16%
      * As measured at the time of crush
Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitness: 5

Extraction system: By centrifugation

Tasting Notes: A blend consisting of Andalusian Hojiblanco, Manzanillo and Lechín typical varieties. In 1881, Manzanillo increases its fruitiness with olive leaves and tomatoes, Hojiblanco brands the artichoke and alloza, Lechín, which provides the basis of its character, highlights green walnuts. The oil has body and leaves an aftertaste of burning and bitterness which is very pleasant to the palate. It’s oil with character.

Food Pairing: An oil ideal for salads and seasoning stews, toast, etc. Exquisite for any use.

Consumer profile: Any consumer who appreciate the value of  a quality extra virgin olive oil.

Company: Founded in 1959 by 37 farmers Santa Teresa, it has distinguished itself, in these, more than 50 years of existence for being a constant source of employment. All this has led it to become the first olive company in Spain olive approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Andalucía for promoting Olive Oil. Its oil is distinct, natural, fruity and green. Authentic juice from the fruit millennial olive from Osuna (Sevilla).       

Units per Boxes: 4                                        

Boxes per Pallet: 245                                      


Glass Bottle
500ml. (17.0z)

"1881 High Selection, Limited Edition"