Nougat with Rare Honey

SCALDAFERRO" Nougat with Rare Honey (Limited Edition)

The limited edition collection is the top of the Scaldaferro Torronificio production. The best and rarest single-flowered Italian honeys were selected to enhance the fragrance and taste of our handmade mandorlato.

Specific, strictly Italian dried fruits are chosen, on the basis of their oiliness and “robustness” of flavour and taste, for each type of single-flowered honey.

Our limited editions contain more than 55% of premium Italian dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios) which give the dough a particular colour and an exceptionally intense fragrance. The dough is cooked only during the period of the waxing moon, in order to increase the whipping potency of the albumen, which come from ground raised hens.

Castor sugar was substituted by dark brown cane sugar which enhances the flavour and aroma of the rare honey used in the dough. Another flavour enhancer is the Bourbon vanilla berry from the Reunion islands.

ITEM SEC / Limited edition with Sichuan pepper and orange blossom honey

A mandorlato distinctly fruity and fresh, not too sweet, because of the oriental spice that accentuates the citrus aspect and adds a light spicy aroma. For those who love that citrus, spicy taste.

ITEM BAR / / Limited edition nougat with salted cape cordgrass honey from the Venetian lagoon and Apulian almonds

A mandorlato with a slightly salty honey from a wild plant growing on lagoon sand banks, which is coupled with an intensely flavoured almond. For those who prefer a nougat that is not too sweet.

ITEM COR / Limited edition with coriander honey and Bronte DOP pistachios 

A nougat especially for pistachio lovers, with a pleasant, colourful impact and a fruity and slightly tart note. For those who love pistachios.

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No artificial, preservatives, colouring or additives.

Gluten Free


Nougat with Rare Honey

"Nougat with Rare Honey"