Nougat Tasting Case

"SCALDAFERRO" Nougat Tasting Case, Mini Soft Torroncini

Soft nougat is a recent product of the Scaldaferro family in collaboration with prominent International chefs.

This is a specialty almost entirely based on the Agrigentino orange honey, which is heated and slowly poured onto whipped egg whites, then cooked very slowly in a double boiler for over 4 hours. A round, sweet variety of Sicilian almonds, calibrated and toasted.

The mixture is hand poured into moulds lined with wafers, and spread layer by layer to maintain its sponginess and softness.

The wafers are stretched by hand, with the help of an antique wooden level.

"Torroncini" are made in 6 different flavours: classic, orange, lemon, coffee, hazelnut, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. They are made with natural juices, freshly candied orange and lemons, coffee beans toasted and grounded, all without any additional flavourings, conservatives or colorants, and are covered with a thin coating of dark or milk chocolate.

The extracts of oranges and lemons are prepared with fresh biological fruits: thick-skinned, aromatic Sicilian oranges and Sorrento lemons.

The coffee beans are toasted right in the factory. Coffee powder as well as liquid espresso is included in the dough.

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No artificial, preservatives, colouring or additives.

Gluten Free


Nougat Tasting Case

"Nougat Tasting Case"