Dark Chocolate Nougat with Almond

"SCALDAFERRO" Dark Chocolate Nougat Slice with Almond

For chocolate lovers, the Scaldaferro family has selected some of the best dark chocolates in the world to achieve a line of chocolate coatings.

They researched for a chocolate noted for its balance, not too bitter, with a percentage of cocoa not higher than 60%, so that the taste would not overpower the honey enriched mixture.

The chocolate chosen is pure, without added fats: only cocoa, cocoa butter, and cane sugar, slowly mixed, without the addition of soy lecithin, colorants or conservatives.
The chocolates used have a lightly fruity note, sometimes of precious wood or tobacco. They are not acidy or particularly fatty, and harmonize with the blend of honey used for the Scaldaferro mandorlato.
The fragrance emanating from the chocolates is reminiscent of freshly growing underbrush, or a strong aroma of caramel, which couples well with the almonds in the nougat.
The chocolate leaves a sensation of crunchiness in your mouth, a broad, fruity taste, full and clean. The net crunchiness is a sign of perfect crystallization of the sugar; a clean palate is a sign of correct chocolate making, from the bean to chocolate.

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No artificial, preservatives, colouring or additives.      

Gluten Free


Dark Chocolate Nougat with Almond

"Dark Chocolate Nougat with Almond"