Glass Bottles
250ml & 500ml
(8.5fl.oz. & 17fl.oz.)

"HITO 5" Picual Arbequina Coratina, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Uruguay

Type: Extra virgin olive oil HITO is an extra virgin olive oil of premium quality, gifted with the attributes of its Colonia, Uruguay terroir. This Uruguayan department is located at a latitude of 34 ° S and is defined by the east bank of the wide Río de la Plata estuary and the San Salvador hills, which mitigate its climate. Its lands are fertile, alternating cliffs and stone areas rich in minerals with lavish river silts. It is an area of high biodiversity, with vegetation typical of the pampas and varied wildlife. All this makes the behavior of the oils and their aromas and flavors different and unique.

Variety / Cultivar: Blend of Picual - Arbequina – Coratina - Manzanilla

Harvest Time: April / May

Max Acidity: 0.5%

Size: Glass Bottle 250 ml (8.5 fl.oz.) and 500 ml (17 fl.oz.)

Type of Harvesting: Manual/Mechanical

Rich in vegetal hints of artichoke and wild chicory, together with fragrant notes of basil, mint and rosemary. Its taste is fine and complex, with flavor of lettuce and spicy notes of black pepper and almond. Bitterness is powerful and pungency is definite.
*Peroxide: 6.0
*Acidity (FFA): 0.43%
     * As measured at the time of crush
Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitness:5.0    Bitterness:3.4    Pungency:4.0

 Extraction System: HITO is obtained from the first cold pressing of the olives from vigorous groves grown employing modern agricultural practices. It is processed, stored and packaged using the latest technology available and the dedication of the families that produce it ensure its excellence.

Tasting notes:

Aroma: Delicate fruitiness with marked almond nut scents and green, leafy notes.

Flavor: Complex and smooth. Soft herbaceous sensations are present, together with hints of pepper and nuts. Smooth and balanced bitterness and pungency.

Food Pairing: It is ideal for salads, raw or grilled vegetables, and white fish. Pairs well with toasted homemade bread, tomato and prosciutto, risottos, pastas, paellas, and chocolate desserts

Consumer Profile: Informed consumer who appreciates quality. Health-conscious consumers

Company: HITO is an alliance of olive-growing families from Colonia, Uruguay who offer the best from each of their groves to create this premium quality olive oil. The synergy resulting from this union, together with a commitment to collaboration and the sharing of knowledge make the final product one of unique excellence in Uruguay.

                                   250 ml (8.5 fl.oz.)     500 ml (17 fl.oz.) 

Units per Box:                       12                            12

Boxes per Pallet:                 204                           138


Glass Bottles
250ml & 500ml
(8.5fl.oz. & 17fl.oz.)

"Picual Arbequina Coratina"

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