Cookies Coated with Dark Chocolate Chocolates-and-Biscuits

"SCALDAFERRO" Cookies Coated with Dark Chocolate

Our biscuits collection evokes the antique family tradition, initiated as a cookie factory and pastry shop.

This line includes nougat biscuits and its chocolate covered version, sold singly or gift packaged.

The cookie dough is based on wheat flour, eggs and butter to which chopped almond nougat are added.

This is then made into cookies, and in the chocolate version covered with a thin layer of dark (66%) chocolate.

The cookie has a strong caramelized aroma, a pleasant crunchy consistency and an irresistible perfume that brings back childhood tastes. This is actually an antique recipe rediscovered by the Scaldaferro family through the Venice Marciana Library.

The Venetian pastry makers of the 1700’s, as spice traders, specialized in the mandorlato (which at that time was a sweet composed of honey, egg whites, minced almonds and cedar oil). They began to produce biscuits, kneading chips of nougat sticks into “barucca” pumpkin flour - a type of pumpkin that growing on the islands of the Venetian lagoon, and adding spices such as cinnamon and clove.

These cookies were bought by the nobility during carnival festivities or on religious occasions.

The antique recipe of the Venetian corporation is now being re-proposed in a modern version with no conservatives, colorants or other chemicals.   


Cookies Coated with Dark Chocolate Chocolates-and-Biscuits
"Cookies Coated with Dark Chocolate