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500ml (17.oz)

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"ALMAOLIVA" Robust Blend, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Argentina

Brand: Almaoliva

Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Variety / Cultivar: Robust Blend

Harvest period: May, Frantoio at the beginning of the month and Coratina in the second half.

Maximun Acidity: 0.3%

Format / Size: Glass  500 ml (17 fl.oz.) - PET 1000 ml (34 fl.oz.), 3000 ml (102 fl.oz.) and 5000 ml (170 fl.oz.)

Harvest technique: Hand picking

Extraction system: The fruit is harvested at the optimum time of the ripening process and is elaborated the same day so their qualities are expressed at their maximum potential. ALMAOLIVA has its own system of continuous extraction with state of the art Italian technology.

Tasting notes: Is the result of an exquisite mix of Frantoio and Coratina varietals, where the best of their characteristics the fruity of the Frantoio, the bitter and spicy notes of the Coratina - are enhanced.

Food pairing: Steamed vegetables, especially potatoes. Excellent base for rice dishes, paellas and stews. Snacks with prosciutto. Porkand octopus.

Consumer profile: Nice for those who like intense olive oil.

Company: ALMAOLIVA is the culmination of a project that started in 2006. This family business founded by the Castello - Bertero Family, owns olives plantations in Coquimbito, Maipú, located 10 km. from Mendoza City, in Argentina.

                                   500 ml          PET 1000 ml   PET 3000 ml   PET 5000 ml
                                 (17 fl.oz.)           (34 fl.oz.)       (102 fl.oz.)       (170 fl.oz.)

Units per box:               12                  12                      2                         2

Boxes per pallet:        110                  75                      140                     85


Glass Bottles
500ml (17.oz)

Plastic Bottles
1000ml - 3000ml - 5000ml
(34fl.oz. - 102fl.oz. - 170fl.oz.)

"Robust Blend"

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