Glass Bottle
500ml (17fl.oz.)

"AGOSTINI" Classico, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Italy

Brand: Agostini

Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Italian 

Variety/Cultivar: Leccino, Carboncella, Frantoio, Maraiolo, Piantone

Harvest Time: Third/fourth week of October

Max Acidity: 0.2%

Size: Glass Bottle 500 ml (17 fl.oz.)

Type of Harvesting: Hand Picking

Extraction System: Continuos Cycle, cold pressing ( within the first 12 hours after the harvesting).

Tasting Notes: Its taste is herbaceous, with a slightly sweet opening, then it presents contained feelings of bitterness and pungency. 

Food Pairing: Agostini's "Classic" Evoo is characterized by an extraordinary versability in cooking,it is suitable for all everyday use. Fresh on salads, fish or bruschettas. On the flame for browning vebetables and to prepare sauces (e.g. Ragù) 

Consumer Profile: Habitual consumer . Consumer who approaches the olive oil for the first time.

Company: The history of the Frantoio Agostini Company is a great story of passion, tradition and excellence. A story that begins nearly 70 years ago: the “Olive Oil art” of Agostini Company is handed down from father to son, in a combination of tradition and innovation. Creativity and tradition:  these are the combinations that make Agostini Oil a genuine Product, with the highest quality standards and the most unforgettable taste.

The company is located in Marche Region, in the center of Italy, in the Aso Valley “winking” at the Adriatic Sea, where the air is pure and fresh, offering an ideal climate for agriculture. 

Unit per box: 12       

Boxes per pallet: 100 / 125


Glass Bottle
500ml (17fl.oz.)


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