Best Gourmet Products in Miami

The best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Italian Balsamic Vinegar

Each product from Miami Olive Oil & Beyond has been carefully selected for its unique flavor and quality. Our Sommelier Claudio Vignoli has traveled the world in search of the very best Extra Virgin Olive Pils, authentic Italian Balsamic Vinegars and other hand-picked specialty products. We invite you to learn more about our products and start enjoying the very best in cuisine specialities.


AUGUSTO (Italy and Spain)

Over the last three decades, Augusto traveled nearly every corner of the world where olive oil is produced, meeting growers and producers to select the best olives and buy the best extra virgin olive oils. All the oils produced or imported by Augusto are genuine, authentic Extra Virgin, first press, cold pressed, very low acidity, very high antioxidants and premium quality.



Nearly 70 years ago, the Frantoio Agostini Company was built on tradition, innovation and excellence. Today, this combination continues to make Agostini Oil a genuine product with the highest quality standards and the most unforgettable taste.



ALMAOLIVA (Argentina)

Alma Oliva is the culmination of a project that started in 2006. This family business, founded by the Castello-Bertero Family, owns olive plantations in Coquimbito, Maipú, located 10 km from Mendoza City in Argentina. 




Finca Duernas is an olive grove with its own mill that has belonged to the same Serrano López family for over 200 years. It is located in Córdoba, where the best Olive Oils have been produced for more than 2,000 years.



HITO (Uruguay)

HITO is a landmark in the olive oil history of Uruguay. This family-run company uses the best olives from their orchards in Colonia to produce this unique extra virgin oil. Its location makes the behavior of the oils and their aromas and flavors different and unique. 


SANTA TERESA 1881 (Spain)

Founded in 1959 by 37 farmers, Santa Teresa has distinguished itself as a constant source of employment. It is the first olive-growing company in Spain approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of Andalusia in promotion of its Olive Oil. 




Dating to the early 1900s, the Scaldaferro Torronificio has voluntarily remained a family business where special care is taken in the production of the nougat, which needs natural cooking process, hand toasting, and manual work. This is why every confection is unique, and transmits through its taste the flavor of the past.




The Olive Oil Tasting Glass is a glass for oil testing. Its characteristics allows for no spillage, easy heating, and proper oil identification.

manual work. This is why every confection is unique, and transmits through its taste the flavor of the past.



The italian countertop fusti is very functional and is the best way to store and dispense high quality olive oil. It is highly polished and stainless steel designed for long-term storage to prevent rancidity and spoiling. All internal joints are welded using Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) to ensure there are no seams to catch and hold any particles that could age and contaminate oils. This stylish, solid and hygienic container minimize exposure to air and light which keep contents fresher longer as well. It includes a stainless steel stand and push button nozzle design.